Surrounding Area

The area surrounding our house is loaded with things to do with many attractions. Standing on the dock facing the water, you have Governor's island and open water to the rest of the lake on your left. Governor's island is a wealthy community with many million dollar homes and is connected to the mainland near Weirs Beach.

Across from you, while still on the dock, is Stonedam Island, a national wildlife refuge. Part of the island has been recently put up for sale to developers for over 2 million dollars. Slightly off to the right , while still looking at Stonedam island, is a public dock where you have access to trails that cover most off the island.

Sally's Gut, a narrow waterway, divides the island from the mainland. Stonedam island use to be a logging venue for loggers back in the 1800s and the roads used back then comprise some of the trails available to you today. There is much wildlife on the island so look close as you walk.

Off to the right is Tommy's cove, a spot where fish are in abundance (Bass, Perch, Trout, and Pickerel).

That is the view from the dock but there are many things to do around the surrounding area as well. A list here would be too lengthy but the Lake Winnipesaukee website offers everything you need to accommodate all your wishes and desires.